Energypac Fashion Ltd

Energypac Fashions limited was first established back in 2007 with 5 production line to produce formal trousers with a vision to become a world Class Tailoring Factory within 10 Years.They have not only ensures the best ever technology, but also groomed a brand of highly skilled, professionally dedicated industrial manpower and management team to excel in tune with out technology. Altogether, we are equipped with ensuring quality production, on-time delivery, price of affordability, all regulatory compliances and social accountability.

Mondol Group

Mondol Group of Industry its quality standards and is engaged in manufacturing of all kinds of knitted garments . Under the profound guidance of their mentor Mr. Haji Abdul Majid Mondol, their company has gained an immense success and has earned goodwill with 25 years of experience in garment industries. The Chairman is guiding their team with his wide experience and skill. their product is made using top quality yarn that is procured from class one stheirces across world. they make use of world class in-house infrastructure and modern machines .

US-Bangla Group

US-Bangla is one of the leading groups in Bangladesh. It is working with a broader mission & vision.Real estate is one of the major business areas of US-Bangla Other business sectors are Leather, Education, Airlines, Ctheirier, Hospital etc.

Rotex Bangladesh Ltd

Dream, every initiative starts with it and Rotex made it to reality. Rotex not just sales good quality product but sales its values.Rotex is proud to be a dreamer. Dreamt to deliver its customer unique selling experience that talks about values not just price alone. Dreamt to embrace good business practices that reflect ethics, environment and sustainability.Uniquely experience every single product that Rotex delivers is fused with its dreams and values that gives ytheir garments the look ytheir buyers demand, delivery that their production pursue and price .


The export- oriented garment factory GRGL intended to extend their production capacity by setting up their new production unit. The problem of ventilation was identified at the design stage. Due to the presence of dust particles, they needed to separate the air flow bettheyen functional zones.A new concept was developed to get fresh air from the roof through a set of three wind shafts on three sides. Another side was left for placing the exhaust fans. These wind shafts are complemented by huge suction fans to bring the wind inside the ducts.

Four Design Private ltd

Four Design (Pvt.) Ltd, Bangladesh started its jtheirney since 2006 with one company and 250 employees and expanded company with 1500 skilled employees. In order to fulfill buyers demands, they assure the quality product. Besides their several units of the group are dedicated to producing finest quality products for buyers throughout the world. Ftheir Design (Pvt.) Ltd. is included in knit theyar manufacturing, dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics, washing plant, knitting unit, printing house, embroidery, trims manufacturing etc.

Majumdar Group

It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new. Together, they established Majumder Group, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing great services.Their products and services theyre designed to satisfy all of their customers, anytime, anywhere. they are committed to customer satisfaction as their top priority. If you want to learn more about how they do business, give them a call today

MNR Group

MANURHIN is one of the companies with global importance and boasts a rich history, which began in Mulhouse already in 1919. MANURHIN has produced food processing machines, metal and plastics processing macines and also metrology equipment, but became famothem mainly through production of small arms and machines for ammunition manufacturing.

Fakir Fashion Ltd

Fakir Fashion Limited started with a dream in 2009 their founder chairman dreamt of creating a world class garment company which would be grounded on a principal of excellence. Since then the company has fltheirished to become a name of recognized and respected not only for the superior quality of the products, but also for its strong values.

Radisson Apparels Ltd

Radisson Apparels Ltd is committed to producing high quality apparel through state-of-the-art modern facilities, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and continuothem improvement in customer satisfaction.Radisson Apparels Ltd - a bottoms and tops manufacturing unit, commissioned in 15th November 2008, is the latest venture of Radisson Group (a highly reputable & successful garment manufacturing and exporting group, established in 1st November 2007 - producing for key customers such as VF Asia, Kangol UK, OVS, Terranova etc ).

Mark wash and dying

Three friends got together and started Mark Designers Ltd. in 1995. Over a period of 20 years, with the immense support from their valued clients, vendors, employees, financial institutions and allied stakeholders they have successfully established ftheir more garments’ manufacturing units, a Packaging & Accessories portfolio, and a Washing & Dyeing plant with its own Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).

EUK Group

Euk Group started in 1982 with only a few employees under the direction and vision of one man, Enayet Ullah Khan, the managing director of the company. It started small as a buying house, EUK Trade International but because of its successful execution of orders, they grew rapidly and have established multiple factories to satisfy all their customers' demand. Today under the group's name, they have multiple factories located throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Versatile Group

Versatile Group had started since 2005 in own land and building. And over the year it has stablish itself as a leading apparel manufacturer located at Haq Square,75 Challabon, Dakkinkhan, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.Factory is producing knit and Woven, top, bottom and jacket etc using both imported & local fabric as per customer requirements.A Progressive Professional management team and a good employee friendly program is set-up to run marketing, stheircing, quality, commercial and production.