Powder-based Extinguishing System

The system is capable of automatic detection and when a fire is detected, the system is actuated either manually or automatically, operating the Cartridge cylinder valve. This operation pressurizes and fluidizes the dry chemical extinguishing agent in the tank, ruptures the burst disc when the required pressure is reached, and propels the dry chemical through network of distribution hose line system (manually operated) or through fixed nozzles and into the protected areas, suppressing the fire.


EN 1486 / SOLAS


Rescue, Fire Fighting at intense radiant heat


  • Outer: 100% Para-Aramide knitwear, inside napped, outside coated with “double mirror” PET – film, mat. 833.0
  • Lining 1: 100% Para-Aramide non-woven, 170 g/m², mat. 837.1
  • Lining 2: DuPont™ Nomex® Comfort, 190 g/m², mat 803.1
  • Temperature Range: <1,300°C radiation