About Protecfire

Speech of Managing Director

This is my great pleasure that I introduce Protecfire Bangladesh Limited (PBL) in the current world, where the word “safety” has high relevance; hence we have proudly renewed our motto to “Using Professional Technology for Fire Safety”. Our enthusiastic organization provides high-quality services in engineering, installation and maintenance to our customers across all over Bangladesh. Our extensive services include all types of Fire Detection and Notification Systems and Fire Fighting System. In our drive towards perfection and uncompromising quality we are constantly looking forward to building long-term customer relationship. The promise and seriousness of our team is an integral factor of our success and reflects in every project we undertake. These values have seen us earn the trust of customers and principle.

Md. Obaidur Rahman
Managing Director

Managing Director

Our Objectives

We are resolved to give quality administrations identified with Design/Engineering, supply, establishment, supervision, incorporation, testing and dispatching, preparing and support of a wide range of Fire Protection Systems, smoke administration framework, Fire Alarm and Gas location frameworks including Fire Fighting frameworks, sprinkler frameworks, dry compound powder framework, wet substance frameworks, fire pumps, water shower frameworks, water fog frameworks, pre-activity frameworks, froth frameworks, a wide range of clean specialist frameworks, CO2 frameworks, fire hydrant frameworks, fire alert frameworks, fire entryways, crisis lighting frameworks, voice clearing and open address frameworks, low voltage frameworks, gas recognition frameworks, CCTV and security frameworks through opportune conveyance, and the satisfaction of their needs and desires, which conforms to the predetermined and suggested necessities of our customers and is fit for the reason which is planned.

Our Mission ....

Provide all supports to our customer to make safe our life, property and business by delivering and installing required quality of protection system and electrical solution.

Why Protecfire Bangladesh Limited ?

  • We follow NFPA guidelines in every sector of our job such as Design and Drawing, Device or fittings selection, Installation and commissioning which makes our each and every work unique and remarkable.
  • We consistently reveal highest ethical standards in our actions. We honor our agreements and are HONEST in our communications.
  • We can provide 24 / 7 support service anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • We are the listed distributor of NAFFCO in Bangladesh. Long term business relationship and professionalism makes a bridge of trust between NAFFCO and Protecfire Bangladesh Limited which helps us to offer best price and provide best service in installation and commissioning stage.

Our Team

The PBL team consists of devoted and brilliant people who are able to provide unique service solutions in any time at any situation. Our dedication for innovation, quality and safety are shared by all of our staff. In field the use of latest tools makes our job smooth and unique. Professional Training is regularly performed to ensure the latest techniques, skills and safety standards are maintained.

Our Range of Service

**Fire Hydrant System. **Busbar Trunking System
**Fire Sprinkler System **Circuit Breaker
**Fire Suppression **Sub Station
**Fire Rated Door **Electrical MDB/SDB & All Distribution Board
**Fire Detection and Notification System **Electrification Distribution System
**Voice Evecution System **Professional Lighting System
**CCTV System **Renewable Energy
**BMS System **Green Solution
**Industrial Safety Equipment
**Emergency Lighting System
**Lighting Protection System
**Passive Fire Protection System